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While Tampa Bay Film is an independent film resource web site for all professionals in indie film, we realize that the key to making the Tampa Bay area is to get more talented people to become independent filmmakers and to make indie films.
If you probably on this web site because you are interested in independent film and in making your own films. That’s great! Keep in mind, however, that unlike other careers such as photography, that making independent films is more difficult; it’s not easy. Independent filmmaking is more complex, is logistically more challenging, as it requires planning and organization. That said, thousands of people make independent films regularly, and if that is what you want to do and it is what you are passionate about, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do it.
Passion about filmmaking is the key, however, because making a job out of independent filmmaking is also not easy. Filmmaking is a long term investment, and it will take a while for you to make money at it. It doesn’t have to be expensive or convoluted to make films, however, and you can make lots of films without going into debt or breaking the Bank. The more films that you do, the better you will become, providing that you continue learning and trying new things.
You can start out by making independent films cheap, while keeping the quality. Starting with a solid, well-written script, or screenplay, which tells a good story with well-developed characters, a screenplay written with cost-effective independent filmmaking in mind, you can start small using limited resources such as a smart phone, older, used DSLR camera, a decent computer, or a tablet computer, as well as some microphones, digital audio recorders, and lighting. You can then get together a small crew and some actors, all collaborating to make inexpensive, quality films, and work your way up to making more ambitious independent films with investors and funding and paying crew and talent when appropriate. Although everyone wants a career where they get paid, there is nothing wrong with professional collaborations, providing that everyone goes in knowing the terms, and everything is in writing. In fact, most filmmakers fail because they try to buy their way into filmmaking and are convinced that they have to pay everyone; they end up not able to afford to make films going into deep into debt gambling that a film (or two, if they are lucky) will establish them as independent filmmakers. That’s a long shot with about the same odds at winning the lottery, and not the way to get started in independent filmmaking.

To become an independent filmmaker and to actually get good enough at it to make a career out of it, you are going to have to work very hard at it and are going to have to make a lot of films. Even more-so than making independent films, you are going to be writing stories. You are going to get very good at writing stories, because that is a skill that translates directly to independent filmmaking.
Forget investors when you are getting started. Invest in yourself by investing in the gear and the support infrastructure that you need and become self-sufficient, able to make independent by yourself with absolutely no help if you have to. Don’t become dependent upon anyone, and give yourself leverage to negotiate. Establish yourself as a filmmaker before you try to network with and work with other filmmakers, too. Filmmakers can be an insecure, petty lot. That insecurity means that some of them will lie, cheat, and steal. A group of filmmakers whom work together have their own ecosystem, and it is difficult to get accepted by that group unless you do it smart.
So, you start alone. Work your way up. Don’t allow anyone to convince you that you have to pay them, unless you want to go broke trying to pay everyone and can only make one or two films.
Starting out, it’s all about balance and is all about what is more or less appropriate for what you are trying to do.

I want these independent film resource web sites balanced between crew, talent, and funding, with the appropriate blend of collaboration and paying opportunities.
Balanced benefits. I don't want to support an environment where anyone is doing anything at the expense of anyone. It needs to be fair.

01. Getting Started As A Filmmaker
02. Gear: Cameras, Drones, Audio, Lighting, Editing, Computers, and More.
03. Fasttrack or Learn? Contract or be Self-Sufficient?
04. Writing Stories
05. Writing Screenplays
06. Preproduction. Planning, Legal, Permits, Insurance, Risk Mitigation, and Resources.
07. Cost-Effective Filmmaking
08. Professional Filmmaking
09. Starting A Film Production Business
10 . Innovation
11 . Investors
12 . Crowd Funding
13 . Own Your Films
14 . Casting
15 . Contracting Crew
16 . Rehearsals
17 . Making The Independent Film
18 . Independent Distribution
19 . Submitting To Film Festivals
20 . Marketing Your Films
21 . Web Sites
22 . Social Media
23 . Selling Your Films
24 . Cultivating a Following

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